Torwoodlee - Home of the Pringles for 500 years

Torwoodlee 1501 - 2001

Torwoodlee Tower

Since 1501 Torwoodlee has been in the hands of the Pringle Family and we have enjoyed, maintained and improved the Estate.

We now have under our control some 3,000 acres of beautiful Scottish Borders countryside which we are determined to look after to the best of our ability.

The Estate comprises two agricultural farms, Torwoodlee Mains and Buckholm Farm, and some grass parks, Galahaugh Fish Farm which, as its name suggests, grows fine quality rainbow trout for your table, about half of Torwoodlee Golf Course which we lease to the Club of the same name, seven letting cottages on long-term lets, salmon fishing on both Tweed and the Gala Water as well as trout fishing let to the local angling association and about 200 acres of woodlands which range from conifer blocks to mature parkland trees.

A new addition to our portfolio is Wildlife Shadows - a superb eco-tourism venture through which you can come to enjoy seeing and experiencing at close quarters some of the varied wildlife which abounds on the Estate. From red squirrels to otters and from barn owls to crossbills, we host a wide range of Scotland's flora, fauna and insect life.

Visit Wildlife Shadows to book a visit with a knowledgeable guide to interpret what you are seeing.